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We have thousands of Factory OEM Wheels for mayor brands and models of cars and trucks. We offer them reconditioned (refurbished), with Limited Lifetime Warranty.

OEM wheels for all brands of cars and trucks:

OEM Rims for:

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What is a reconditioned wheel?

Most shops have a slighly different reconditiong concepts and procedures.

Our process is quite straight forward:

  1. Take-off wheels are checked for roundness and structural integrity.
  2. We strip the finish of the wheel completely, leaving a blank core.
  3. We prepare the surface of the core for re-finishing.
  4. We refinish the wheel in their factory color with powder coating.
  5. Taking care of details. According to their original presentation, some wheels are then submitted to the CNC lathe for a “machined effect”, flance cuts, etc. Other wheels are polished by tool with manual detailing.
  6. The product is protected with a clear powder coating and cured in the oven for coating eveness and durability.
  7. The face of a reconditioned wheel should look like new